What we do SAP™ Development


We are an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem.

SAP™ proposes and advocates business best-practices for any system implementation. You should first consider if the standard solution fits your business requirements. Development is meant to complement the standard provided solutions; not to replace or cancel them. The philosophy of the consultants at Olympias is to provide technically sound solutions that last in time. Performance, transaction volume increase as well as SAP™ version upgrades are always taken into consideration. Among several hundred development activities, the points below briefly present some real-life applications.

  • Dialogue Programming & Workflow: The release (approval) steps of each Purchase Requisition have been introduced into a new custom Workflow Template. The template takes into account the HR Organizational Data in order to locate the supervisors that approve a requisition. The Workflow also includes special approval steps that were defined by our customer. The standard SAP Work Item dialogue is replaced by a new custom application providing full functionality and reporting on the approval history. Programming based on SAP Function Modules and BAPIs.
  • Complex Data and Business processes: Development and enhancement of complex billing and pricing ABAP modules, in conjunction with standard SAP transaction flows.

In context:

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