What we do Consulting


You can expect from us a sincere dedication to consult on your SAP™ and IT systems according to the industry best practices.

Benefit from our experts who model, configure or extend your systems in the least possible time. Whatever the process you envisage, however complex it is, you can expect a timely and durable solution

Imagine a system, that follows your needs, while preserving the standardized software approach. Prepare for the Cloud, access your systems from anywhere and enjoy a true Return on Investment.

You know your business; we know what kind of systems you need to invest on. Your IT infrastructure supports your day-to-day operations and digitize your processes. We are here to help you continue be successful and expand.

Consultant's Role

At Olympias, we understand that you are not "customers"; we rather think of you as partners. In this frame we employ proactive strategies and best-practice policies that fit your own business model.

The role of the IT Consultant is not just to deliver a system or a digitized process. Replacing a legacy process and bringing an older system to a new one is not enough. The role of the consultant is to provide an outsider's view and to deliver a system that is viable, scalable and efficient.

We believe SAP™ systems are inherently of such qualities. What Olympias does is a best-practice delivery of SAP™ configuration guidelines. Our consultants stand at the middle your team and provide always an ethical "out of the box" view to business problems, IT processes and systems integration.

Consulting Approach

Each problem has many aspects and more solutions. You provide the business specifics, while we take care of their system interpretation.

You operate in changing environments, where often technology flies faster than the IT systems get deployed. We bring you fresh and savvy views and true experience he has accumulated over more than twenty years in the field.

You are in the epicenter of our active listening, while we care to trigger your interests into another point of view. After all we are there to built something New, enrich your system landscape and enhance the end-user experience.

Imagine and build the future with us. Get robust solutions, reliable systems and increase your productivity.

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