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One of the most important business processes is the handling of the Sale up to the generation of the billing document. There are often issues related to stock, serialization and batch management that need to be solved. The following completed tasks highlight what Olympias' could deliver for you too.

  • Double Cross-Plant Back-to-Back Order with Stock Transfer and/or Purchasing: A special procedure, where standard customizing is mixed with ABAP enhancements was set in place. A double back-to-back Cross-Plant stock transfer has been set-up where the initial Sales Order Reference is being transferred down to one or more Purhcase or Stock transport orders. The milestone was to keep this Reference in SD, MM and WM without disrupting the Inventory Management flow.
  • Pricing:: An innovative pricing condition technique has been set-up. In this technique the Tax condition (VAT) is taken into account depending on input or output nature of the VAT. To do this two different conditions have been set-up; none of them being mandatory due to standard SAP functionality constraints. In the relevant user exits one of the two conditions is internally flagged as mandatory, according to the Sales Order data.
  • Intercompany processes:: Customizing and consistency enhancement of complex multi-lateral intercompany business flows. Purchasing, Sales and Import/Export business worldwide. Enhancement of Group-wide pricing procedures and conditions.
  • Billing Output: A new billing output access sequence has been designed. Due to the increasing complexity of the legal (Company Codes) and sales (Sales Organisations) structure a re-definition of the billing output was imperative. A LSMW migration tool along with the accompanying analysis complemented the simplification of the determination procedure.
  • Repair / Swap Flow: The Repair / Swap procedure concerns the creation of a Sales Order that is used as an equivalent of a Service Order of CS. The Sales Order represents a Repair or Swap action (Swap = Send Spare and then Repair). This complex procedure depends on Service Level Agreement data, Own Stock availability and Customer's needs. In order to simplify the Sales Order creation, that included the selection of appropriate Serial Number and Item Categories, a Dialogue Transaction has been designed. The specifications regarding this transaction are based on the application of standard SAP Function Modules; these modules process the Sales Order creation in the background in only a fraction of the CPU time, needed by the Batch Input technique.

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