Olympias AG was founded in 2010 with the aim to offer premium consulting services in a continually changing business world. Companies worldwide operate in a complex environment, where production, logistics and trade regulations impose constraints, but also provide opportunities. As the volume of business transactions has dramatically increased in the last decades, companies have to rely on sophisticated Enterprise Resources Systems (ERPs). Olympias AG recommends SAP™ products, which are proven to provide a robust, comprehensive and adaptive platform that can be configured to cover current and future needs.

Our Project Managers

The Project Managers of Olympias have over twenty years' experience in Logistics, Financial, Controlling, Business Intelligence and Development tools of SAP™ products. Their profound knowledge of SAP's modular architecture along with their long experience is combined with strong academic qualifications, all of them gained in an international environment. Their approach to business process modeling is comprehensive and is committed in providing a global view in the integration of complex business procedures. The ethical approach of the integral consultant to customer relation is in the core of Olympias business plan and constitutes the centre of all consulting activities.

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